Residential land sale in chennai

Land for sale in Chennai

Land for sale in Chennai : Many Real estate Investors who buy CHENNAI  land for sale see it as a way to make profits: Contact Bestsquarefeet Real estate Company- +91-9994287060

The property sales talk is fantastic, as Real estate investors are promised huge returns. Unfortunately , In most cases Real estate investors pay vastly inflated prices for unapproved land in Chennai that never gets the required CMDA Building plan approval. This business is done by local mediators as well as big Real estate companies.

Here we will look at CHENNAI  land for sale apparoved by CMDA, why you need to be wary and a state in India that can make you far better profits from land for sale in Chennai by BESTSQUAREFEET REAL ESTATE COMPANY.

Land for sale in Chennai

Building Plan approval and Land for sale in Chennai

Most Real estate investors are informed that if they purchase a plot of CHENNAI  land for sale and it gets CMDA approval then the value of the Plot will rocket in value as house builders or Flat promoters move in and develop it.

Of course the big variable is “if”

In most cases it simply does not happen and even if it does it can be 10, 15 OR 20 years down the line.

Many Real estate companies say it’s imminent and say it’s going to be within a couple of years time, but of course if it was and definite they wouldn’t need to sell it!

If they are so confident they could make a profit themselves

Plot of Land is sold at vastly inflated prices

Of course, the CHENNAI  land for sale they are selling is also sold to you at a vast mark up to cover their costs!

So what do you have? Land you have bought over the odds for, that has slim chance of making money and in most cases is never granted CMDA Approval or Building plan permission!

Not every Real estate company selling land for sale in CHENNAI  misleads Real estate Investors and there are honest ones who point out the risks and the timescales involved Like BESTSQUAREFEET

However not all CHENNAI  land for sale investments remains extremely risky. Companies like Bestsquarefeet caters best property required by most of the people. The difficulty of CMDA plan permission is easily sorted out legally and building Plan approvals are being granted for land of plots.

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Best Real estate Investment – Land for sale in Chennai

Chennai  land for sale sounds a great investment in theory. In Bestsquarefeet properties we will not see the difficulty of getting Building Plan approval from CMDA. Our Property can also be a best long term investment and it will be a best investment from day 1.

Land for sale in Chennai

There are plenty of other states in India to look at that offer far better rewards with less risk and South India remains one of the boom areas for land for sale investments, with South India being the market of choice for many land for sale investors


Quite simply, because land costs are rising as IT People and NRI are buying Resale Flats and Bungalows in record numbers.

NRI investors are making great gains in Land for sale in Chennai

By buying land for sale in Chennai, The NRI investors are either selling them on or developing them themselves and selling on and making great Profits

CMDA approval Is Easier & triple digit Profits in Land for sale in Chennai

With gains of 500% since 2002, it’s a solid Real estate investment.  Many Real estate investors have made much more by buying land for sale in Chennai at the right location from Bestsquarefeet.

CHENNAI  land for sale : if you buy in the right Location CMDA Building plan approval or permission is very easier and quicker. It is not necessary for  you to struggle for it.

There is the major problem with CHENNAI  Land for sale while the bulk of investors lose by purchasing the property from Fake Real estate companies.

Buying a property from an unknown person is always risky. It is better to buy from a Reputed Real estate company. So CHENNAI  land for sale is made easy by BESTSQUAREFEET.

This Chennai land boom will continue – Land for sale in Chennai

CHENNAI land boom looks healthy as 10Lakh of IT Professionals  in Chennai  are due to retire in the next 5 years and they are looking to maintain their standard of living and their looking at Chennai.

Chennai Real estate Property investment is Very easy with Bestsquarefeet

The buying process of Land for sale in Chennai is Very simple. You get the same rights as residents and its very tax efficient.

Do your homework on Chennai Real estate – Land for sale in Chennai

In any Chennai land for sale investment make sure you choose a reputable Real estate company and make a cool Conclusion on the facts.

As we know in any Chennai land for sale investment buying in the right location is the key. Here Chennai is no different, but choose wisely and you can build serious wonderful assets over a Period of time.

Land for sale in Chennai approved by CMDA
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