Chennai property monitoring

Property Management

Property Management is mandatory for safety and security of our Assets in Real estate Industry. Fast Developing cities like Chennai have drastic developments in all the fields. In Real estate, Just investing in a land or Building alone will not bring you gain. You have to Manage and maintain the assets and make it worthy. The advantages are large but at the same time Disadvantages have to be defeated by our intelligent decision. one of the best idea to fetch huge profit is Property management.

Why Property Management is important ?.

Property management company helps a lot in Real estate investments, Just Property buying, selling, Joint venture, lease and Rent happens only if it is properly maintained. If your land is not fenced and managed properly, some strangers may occupy it and make a trouble to you Temporarily or Permanently.  The encroachment just do not happen only by intention of criminals. The encroachment may occur by mistake or error made by Surveyors. Some time the government surveyors make a blunder of calculating land wrongly and mark it. There the problem arises between the innocent owners of the land due to lack of proper property management.

Safe and Secure by Property Management company in Chennai

Real estate Property management is most important for NRIs or people who travel often will not find time to check whether their property is properly maintained. Here bestsquarefeet Property management company will surely help in safe guard your property in systematic manner. We inspect your property once in 15 days or 30 days as per the requirement and Risk involved in that area. Photographs and Video clippings of the property will be sent through emails after the inspection is completed. In important time or urgency the Photographs and Video can be sent through Wats app or Skype immediately from the site. This is the best part of PROPERTY MANAGEMENT.

Property management company in Chennai

During the severe encroachments, we’ll manage to stop it. If it is a severe litigation or legal or criminal problems involved, we can give a police complaint on behalf of you and solve the problems.  The litigation problems are also handled by us and get the pure solution officially. Many political people who are corrupted in local areas mostly concentrate in land grabbing.

How Property management services Save your Assets?.

If the property owner is not visiting the property for a long period, then it will be a happy news for these grabbers. These local politicians with the help of Gunddas us to watch each and every empty land and will find the right time to encroach and Grab the land. Here we help the land owners in avoiding these problems. Even though they cannot grab the land officially, they will threaten the innocent owners to transfer that land in their name. Bestsquarefeet Property management company will help the land owners in overcoming these problem with out any Head ache..

Property owners are facing lots and Lots of Land acquisition threats recently. Hence the central government have passed the land grab Act. And such implementation of new law is beneficial for all Local property investors as well as NRI investors have.

    Advantages of Property Management in Chennai :

    • Land value will appreciate or Double in a very short period.
    • Free from Litigation created by locals
    • Peace of Mind due to high Security for Property
    • Future expansion benefits
    • ┬áNeat and Clean Environment

    Bestsquarefeet property Management company  also provides legal services and consultancy for Real estate investments in Chennai and other adjoining districts apart from Property management.