Property Management Services Company is an Organization managed by veterans in business since 1985 in various Industry verticals with a motto “Service Excellence,” Transparency and Integrity as our principles.

Real estate Services Chennai

We, offer a the best services in Real estate and Building Construction-Building Contract Viz., Property advisory, Legal & brokerage, rentals & leasing consultation, Valuation, research & feasibility reports, Constructing small to huge Residential, commercial and Industrial projects & facilities management services and real estate loan and financing.

Building Construction-Building Contract at Chennai

In a nutshell, we do help our Real estate Clients on all aspects right from identifying properties, Registration till building and constructing in the property. We assist our Clients – customers in verifying the legalities, documentation, loan processing, valuation etc. Buying, Selling, Leasing and Renting the property through us is as simple as just making a call or sending an email. We research and study the open market value, forced sale value and future projection value of the properties so that you can get a clear and better picture of the exact asking price for your property. So we are able to provide a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller.

We have a proven record for making many successful transactions in which both the buyer and seller are very satisfied. We understand the fact that satisfying the client is the ultimate success in the business than making few extra cash.

In India, buying or selling a property is emotional as well as a life changing decision one can make. We understand that completely and extend our service to match or surpass all expectations.

Send us your requirements, and we will be glad to offer our service right away. Your satisfaction is our promise.

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Property Management Services

Property Management Services : Bestsquarefeet Property Management Company was founded in 2006. It is the professional company in property management services for Property owning in Chennai and suburbs. NRIs, MNCs and people staying across the globe need not have to worry about the grabbing of their property.

Bestsquarefeet  Property management company is engaged in providing genuine property management services and solutions. We guide and execute the following.

Bestsquarefeet Property Management Services Company

Property Management Services

  • Original bookings Assistance
  • Investments
  • Documentation
  • Legal assistance
  • Property survey
  • Sale-purchase of residential & commercial properties
  • Property Monitoring services
  • Property Trouble shooting services

Being a Real estate service provider, since 2006, We are capable of handling a wide range of tasks in Chennai on behalf of MNCs, NRIs, our company developed special expertise to service at many other cities of Tamilnadu also.

Just buying and holding a property alone will not be enough to earn profit in Real estate industry. We should manage and maintain the property. Leaving all the work, this cannot be done by individual investors and MNCs. Here we help in Monitoring the properties and send regular reports regarding the property along with photographs and Video..

Since 2006, Bestsquarefeet   property has grown expertise and capable of handling property management in a professional way aiming at satisfied and long term customers.


Land grabbing is the biggest threat in property management. Is your property safe??. Whether you have bought a property just for an investment or a future home for living, your most valuable properties require to be managed and protected from encroaches and miscreants.

Usually properties which are all apparently un-watched are biggest advantage for land grabbers and illegal encroaches. Our valuable Properties which are bought in our home town also required to be constantly monitored to ensure no misuse or encroachment knowingly or intentionally. In other cases serious deterioration may occur due to natural disasters.. If you are an PIO or NRI or live away from your property or your family property just don’t leave as it is..

Benefits of Property Monitoring for PIOs and NRIs :

You have to monitor your property regularly, if not possible to visit often then we bestsquarefeet will manage your property and maintain it on behalf of you. Our Property Management Service will ensure that your asset is held safe and secure, even in your absence from Grabbing, encroaching and illegal Possession. We visit your property on monthly or any other periodic basis. We take photographs, video shoot, geo-tag the property and send courier or e-mail it to you.

In the event of any noticed illegal encroachment or land grabbing attempt, misuse or any other deterioration of the property, you will be promptly intimated our Monitoring inspectors. On worst situation of any other serious encroachments, We will also file a petition of complaint with the local police station, if it is essential.

If the property is a land which is already fenced, we can provide a signboard intimating that the property is being monitored and is under the care of bestsquarefeet.

Bestsquarefeet Property Management company in Chennai Tamil Nadu, South India is a reputed organization in other following Real estate management solutions and Services also.

Property Management solutions

  • Property Management Services
  • Rental / Tenant – Management Services
  • Vacant Plot Monitoring Services
  • Personal Concierge Services
  • Property Renovation and Maintenance Works
  • Residential Constructions & Civil Contractual Works

Land Monitoring Services

Regular Monitoring of Land by Bestsquarefeet – Every day news says that huge number of people’s land have been grabbed.  These grabbing happens When the original owners are away from the property or settled abroad for a long period. If there is no person to take care of the property, then obviously the land will be grabbed. So, It is not Worthy to own properties without constant monitoring.

Here Bestsquarefeet is a company with qualities of transparency, professional and safe method to take care of your property with keen vigilance and regular monthly or fortnightly reporting.

Bestsquarefeet Property Management company offers consistent and customized plot monitoring services. With the professional approach and competitive price, we offer best level of personalized service of regular visits.

Our Property Monitoring Service includes :-
  1. Regular Monitoring of Land – To ensure that the Land is free from encroachment.
  2. Regular Fortnightly or Monthly reporting on the status on the cleanliness of the plots.
  3. Digital Photographs and their reports of the land will be emailed.
  4. Based on Customer’s requirement  the number of property visits per month or per year can be arranged.
  5. Our professionals will regularly update in stimulated time on the status of the property and intimate if we come to know or anticipate any encroach attempts.
  6. Show property to the land to your family members or relatives who are not aware of the location..

Non Resident Indians – NRIs and People of Indian origin living abroad can seek for this special service to take care of their high value property or assist their elderly parents or their busy family members.

A notice board can be optionally displayed to warn trespassers at extra cost.


Or Call: 9994287060 for all Real estate Property management Service and maintenance….

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