About us: Bestsquarefeet

Real Estate business

Bestsquarefeet is an Organization managed by professionals in the Real Estate business since 1985. Our Business includes the following

  • Building & Construction,
  • Property Buying,
  • Property Selling,
  • Legal services,
  • Leasing,
  • Property monitoring services,
  • legal opinions,
  • Real estate legal consultancy,
  • Renting of properties in Chennai

All the above are our verticals with the motto “Service Excellence,” Transparency, and Integrity as our principles.

Flat Promoters: Properties in chennai
Flat Promoters: Properties in Chennai

Real estate: Buying, Selling, Joint venture, Rental, and Leasing of properties in Chennai

Best Square feet offers the best quality Real estate services for properties in Chennai @ a competitive price.

Properties Advisory Services

Bestsquarefeet offer a gamut of services in real estate in Chennai Viz., Properties advisory and brokerage, rentals and leasing consulting, research, valuation and feasibility reports, project and facilities management services, and real estate financing for properties in Chennai.

Promoters of properties in chennai
Promoters of properties in Chennai

In a nutshell, Bestsquarefeet helps customers in all aspects right from identifying properties to the property registered. Of course, We assist our customers in checking the legalities, documentation, loan processing, valuation, etc. On the other hand, Selling your property through us is as simple as just making a call or sending an email.

a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller

Bestsquarefeet makes a thorough study of the property’s open market value, forced sale value, and future projection value. Meanwhile, This Real estate study enables the client to get a clear and better picture of the exact asking price for your property. By the same token, This real estate deal provides a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller. We have free Real estate classifieds too for our esteemed customers.

Our Real estate Company has a proven record of making many successful transactions in which both the buyer and seller are very satisfied. Most of all, Our Real estate Company strongly believes that understanding the fact that satisfying the client is the ultimate success in the business than making extra cash.

Bestsquarefeet Real estate professionals

In India, buying or selling a property is hugely emotional as well as a life-changing decision one can make. Above all, Bestsquarefeet Real estate professionals indeed understand that completely and extend our service to match or surpass all expectations.

Infrastructure Developing: Properties in Chennai:

Bestsquarefeet offers the best quality all in all Building and construction. We guide and implement to fulfill the Dreams of constructing a home or a Factory. Moreover, We provide the Construction Service of Where, when, and how we can build you the dream homes, factories, and commercial buildings on your land at a very affordable competitive cost at your estimated budget Cost as per the customers’ specifications for properties in Chennai.

Completing any kind of Residential / Commercial / industrial properties with the stimulated time

In fact, Our Real estate Company are specialist in the Designing and Execution of Residential Projects, Commercial Projects, Office Outlets, etc.

By the way, Our Real estate Company adopts the latest advanced methodology & innovation with our team of Civil engineers, Structural engineers, Architects, and Skilled and Efficient Interior Designers.

Builders Bungalow : properties in chennai
Builders Bungalow: properties in Chennai

Promoters of properties in Chennai: 

Properties such as Individual houses, Villas, Flats, industrial sheds, Factory sites, and any residential or Commercial buildings in Chennai

Factory Shed Builders properties in chennai
Factory Shed Builders properties in Chennai

Joint venture – properties in Chennai: 

Properties such as Individual houses, Villas, Flats, commercial complex, Residential land, commercial land and industrial lands. we invite to join us in Real estate Partnership joint venture program to grow together in Real estate industry in chennai.

A good Building contractor has to be endowed with many good qualities as a matter of fact. They should possess a better asset management capability than ordinary people because they need to manage the whole construction project. Bestsquarefeet building contractor is logical in their thinking of infrastructure development.  This enables us to maintain a good estimating capability.

Building construction and Property Consultants

Bestsquarefeet Building contractors are a team of Professionals who love to face challenges and win them very successfully. Each and every construction project is like a challenge. And Once the Construction project is started, As a Building contractor we take on all the responsibilities.

Send us your requirements, and Our Real estate Company will be glad to offer our service for properties right away. Your satisfaction is our promise.

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Real estate properties in Chennai

Real Estate Properties In Chennai – About Us

Bestsquarefeet is the best Real estate company in Building construction and Property consultants. As a role of Builder, Flat Promoter, and Building contractor, Bestsquarefeet is the most success full in all Real estate activities altogether.

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