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Building Contractors Chennai – Civil Engineers Construction

Building contractors in Chennai Bestsquarefeet is always best. We are best Civil Engineers in at Construction industry. Building of major residential, commercial as well as industrial building Projects is our core business. In Residential Projects, We construct Independent houses, Bungalows, Flats, Studio apartments, Individual Villas, Independent Duplex houses and semi independent Duplex Houses. In Commercial Projects, We Build Commercial complexes, Shops, Show rooms, IT Parks, shopping malls and other Godowns. Regarding commercial, Industrial sheds, Factories, Ware houses, and other Major Industrial buildings are constructed as per the requirement of the clients by bestsquarefeet building contractors

Finalizing a Civil contractors in Chennai for constructing any of your Houses or Factory or commercial building made easy by our Bestsquarefeet Construction team.

We are best Building Contractors in Chennai helping to Design, build and construct the Dream Homes of a house Buyers as per the their Requirement.  It is not always just easy to find out a good Chennai construction contractor like Bestsquarefeet construction company Chennai. The most toughest thing is finding a good turnkey project Building contractors Chennai.

Public Works Department Contractors in Chennai

Public Works Department is the most important are in Government of tamil nadu. The infrastructure is being created and developed with the help of PWD. PWD deparment consists of Civil engineers. Right from the the road to any governmenet owned buildings were developed by PWD-Public works department.

PWD Contractors at Chennai

PWD office s located at <Kamarajar Promenade, PWD Estate, Chepauk, Area – Triplicane, City – Chennai, State – Tamil Nadu Pin code -600005>. PWD contractors play a vital role in development of chennai city. They not only develop the city but also the business and trade of the country. All civil works are done by Public works department in India. Construction and other engineering works are palnned and executed by Public works department in Tamilnadu.

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Best BUILDING CONTRACTORS in Chennai and Civil Construction Engineers

Building contractors team of bestsquarefeet offers the best quality Building and construction in chennai. We can build you the dream homes, factory, and commercial building in your land. That will be at a very affordable competitive cost at your estimated budget Cost. Construction will be 100% as per the customers specification for properties in Chennai. Our customers always recommend Bestsquarefeet for any of their construction requirements and civil contractors in Chennai. Identifying the best Building Contractors in Chennai and Civil Engineers in construction is now become easy.

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Building contractors in Chennai who are all mostly construct commercial building may not be interested in constructing residential buildings. So, Residential building contractors should be identified carefully and decision should be made. Building an independent house may look very very easy. In the real time constructing a individual house is tougher than building a Factory in a industrial estate. The home designing Architect should be chosen recommended by a reliable Building contractor. This is because only a practical and experienced builder only can tell who is the best home designer. Independent houses are becoming popular in Chennai due to the poor construction quality of flat promoters. most of the apartments small as well as Multi storey built in India do not compile to the international standards.  The lack of quality construction lead to the interest in finding a good plot to construct individual houses. In the stressful world, Chennai people started thinking that living independently is always better than living in a colony with many houses or Flats. So RESIDENTIAL BUILDING CONTRACTORS find huge demand at Chennai is increasing like other building contractors.

Residential Construction contract we handle are given below :
  • Individual houses Construction
  • Individual Duplex houses Construction
  • Semi-Independent Houses Construction
  • Row houses Construction
  • Gated community living spaces Construction
  • Small Flats Construction
  • Huge apartment complexes Construction
  • Farm Houses Construction
  • Bungalows Construction
  • Villas Construction

Building contractors are back bone of construction industry. If a house seekers wants to build their Dream home, the best thing they have to do is finding a good Building contractor in Chennai. If It is not necessary to search a good CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTORS in Chennai, Just contact us for the quote. We posses all the  qualities to Build their Customized independent houses or Bungalows in Chennai. We are capable of Constructing Residential projects with all luxurious amenities such as Swimming pool, Basket ball court, Gym and many others in contract basis.


Commercial building contractors build Big Shopping complex and IT parks in Chennai. Big corporate believe in only quality commercial building contractors. Strategical plans with spacious places for parking and relaxing is required for every commercial building. People should be convenient to move around in big  commercial complexes. Suitable commercial builders should be identified to construct these buildings and appointed as Building contractors.

Bestsquarefeet builders are experts, full of professional youngster team to handle such projects and finish it successfully. The customers visiting the commercial offices should be able to identify the place very easily, in such a way, the construction should be done. The provision for Drainage sump should be carefully designed and implemented. Only a good COMMERCIAL BUILDING CONTRACTORS like bestsquarefeet can implement such projects. There will be many units in a commercial building. The building has to be built in such a way that any disputes should not arise between the commercial property owners or tenants.

We Build the following commercial Projects in Contract Basis : 

  • Star Hotels Construction
  • Commercial Shopping Market Construction
  • Theaters Construction
  • Motels Construction Construction
  • Huge Malls Construction
  • Shopping Complex Construction
  • Bridges Construction
  • Roads Construction
  • Under ground drainage systems Construction

These commercial building can be built at reasonable cost by our company at stimulated period.


Building contractors demand increased  due to the Industrial growth in Chennai and suburb like sriperumbudur, Marimalai nagar and OMR. The Growth is huge and continuously increasing. A good industrial building contractor only can fulfill the requirements and construct an industrial building. Professional building consultants should be hired for this purpose. The team work of Architects, Structural engineers, Civil construction engineers and other construction experts will only successfully build industrial buildings. The Product produced or handled in the building should should be know to this team to construct a suitable building for this industrial purpose. This will enable to run the production unit of industrial products in the best way.  This achievement is possible only by professional industrial building contractors Bestsquarefeet.

Industrial construction projects are built as per the requirement of the Specification
  • Factories Construction
  • Industrial Shed Construction
  • Ware houses Construction
  • Go-downs Construction
  • Compound walls Construction
  • Huge Sumps Construction
  • Cement Roads Construction
  • Underground Storage tanks Construction
  • Swimming pools Construction
  • Huge Over head Tanks Construction

We construct any type of Residential / Commercial / industrial properties at Chennai with the stimulated time

We are specialist in Designing and Execution of Residential Projects, Commercial Projects, Office Outlets, huge Industrial shed, Factories etc.

We adopt the latest advance methodology & innovation with our construction team of Civil engineers, Structural engineers, Architects, Skilled and Efficient of Interior Designers..

The below given Building Construction Works are also done in contract Basis:

  • Independent Houses
  • Flats – Apartments
  • Duplex houses
  • Factories
  • Industrial Shed
  • Shopping complex
  • Multi storied Buildings
  • Bridges
  • Concrete and Tar Road work
  • Compound walls
Building contractors in Chennai
Building contractors in Chennai

Reasonable price and quality construction is the specialty of best square feet…

Joint venture – Construction of Properties in Chennai: 

Construction contract of Properties such as Individual houses, Villas, Flats, commercial complex, Residential land, commercial land and industrial lands.

In India, Finding a Building Contractors in Chennai became very easy. Just find in Internet or Calls through Justdial, immediatly you get the address as well as contact details of Bestsquarefeet and Civil Engineers in Construction

Chennai Building and Construction Industry : 

The market in Chennai for construction project management services is Very huge which  includes residential, commercial and industrial construction projects as well as Joint ventures construction Projects. However, due to the Basic nature of the construction industry, Construction contractors would be well advised to specialize and focus on either residential or commercial or industrial construction project management. Presently, subcontract project managers are charging fees based on the nature of construction projects.

Construction Services of Building Contractors in Chennai

Chennai has a highly advanced Building and construction sector. Chennai has significant expertise across a wide range of product and service offerings for the building and construction sector. Expertise in building and construction contractors services spans engineering, architecture, design, project management, project integration, and construction of civil engineering projects.

Bestsquarefeet : Construction contractors company in Chennai

Bestsquarefeet construction contractors company in Chennai have a track record of proven, quality products, efficiency, ability to deliver on time, and specialized skill sets. We are also consulting engineering company in Chennai. Bestsquarefeet consulting engineers provide design advice to major projects in construction, mining transport, manufacturing and the environment sectors. Our Major services in this sector include: project design and management which includes the coordination of documentation, undertaking project feasibility and environmental impact studies; construction process, asset management, and quality control.

Bestsquarefeet Engineering construction contractors in Chennai

Bestsquarefeet Chennai is internationally renowned for the superior construction. we also have engineering construction expertise across infrastructure projects including State government projects, railways, dams, roads and bridges, major pipelines, Temple, Hospitals, Government buildings, electricity and other utilities.

Building products and construction Contractors in Chennai

Chennai has significant expertise in building and construction products. A combination of a well developed domestic market, stringent regulatory system resulting in the manufacture of high quality products and the use of advanced technology is furthering Chennai’s expertise in producing innovative, world class building and construction contracts.

Building Contractors in Chennai

BUILDING CONTRACTORS CHENNAI with Service of Structural engineering, CIVIL ENGINEERS and Architectural design in CONSTRUCTION

Bestsquarefeet offers best service in building and construction contractors services at best price.

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Infrastructure Developing: Building Construction of Properties in Chennai:

Bestsquarefeet is a construction company in Real estate business of Consultation at Chennai engaged in Building and constructing of Residential, commercial and Industrial Buildings.

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Building Contractors in Chennai and Civil Engineers engaged in Civil Construction

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