Chennai Real Estate

Chennai Real estate : Known for its dense population, property in Chennai is selling like hot cakes. There are always some new natives entering the city in search for their living, and apart from work, they need a place to stay in as well. Further, validating the land scarcity is the latest “slum redevelopment” infrastructure project among various developers; developers are working on budget flats for slum inhabitants in spite of them holding acres of land as slum. Hence, a shortage of land assures not just great returns but also increases returns every time.

Chennai Real estate

Chennai Real Estate

Most of the apartment owners wish for a Location where their needs are not just met but are further congregated with modern class luxuries like modular kitchen, spruce hanging garden, well-maintained bathrooms, etc. Chennai properties on other hand, are boasting their way off for the same. Not only this, with changing times and demand, Chennai Real Estate is leaving no stone unturned to move ahead of all in planning and building according to the needs and fancies of the end-user. By doing this, Chennai has become one of the hottest Real Estate zones to buy, sell or rent the property.

Chennai Real estate : Other factor lending a hand to the booming CHENNAI REAL ESTATE Sector is loan schemes offered by the banks and other financial institutions. Easy, quick and assorted categories of loan scheme acts as a blessing for the common man. This in turn, encourages common man to invest in the Real Estate Industry of Chennai and thus a vicious circle of great returns in near future. Moving further, apart from enticing Kollywood – world’s Largest film industry, IT, ITES, BPO, KPO, etc.,

Chennai also houses some of the best of educational institutes, like IIT, TISS, SP Jain, to name few of them. These colleges attract students not just from around the country but across the globe. While every year a new batch of students enter these colleges requiring accommodation to stay, even out of the graduating batch, quite a lot stay back in the city falling in love with the facilities, weather, amenities and start working here, staying here forever. As a consequence, this further amplifies the population and thus the demand for a flat/apartment in Chennai built by good construction companies. This is also one of the reasons behind the upcoming townships in suburbs such as Sriperumbudur Chennai, Mahindra City, OMR, etc.

Bestsquarefeet is trustworthy and a reputed Real Estate Development Company in Chennai It has a team of qualified realtors who could judge the exact price of the property. We will conclude and estimate the Exact price after assessing condition, location, size, etc. We give  proper guidance for customers to help them to choose the best option.

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Chennai Real Estate

In Chennai Real estate Lastly, forthcoming an additional airport (Chennai Green Field), steady metro connectivity throughout the city, world-class facilities in terms of healthcare, shopping brands, entertainment, etc., Chennai Real Estate has everything to lure the people across the globe, assuring improved returns and huge Profits to the investor every time. To buy or sell properties like Apartments and flats in Chennai at reasonable prices Go and check with Property in Chennai | Flats in Chennai by bets builders in chennai

CHENNAI REAL ESTATE : Chennai is the financial capital of South India.

Chennai is the financial capital of South India. After 1947 the city has grown by leaps and bounds and now its civic services are over extended, yet people still wish to flock to this city. The result of this on the property market is deleterious, with the prices out of reach of most people.

Basically Chennai is a port city so it attracts various type of leading MNC manufacturing industries. Obviously Real estate developers are also attracted by this. The presence of the Harbour extends an exceptional advantage to Chennai and based on that drastic developments of infrastructure is improved day by day. The continuous sequential development of commercial, residential and Industrial developments in Chennai have resulted in awesome growth and value.

 Real estate market in Chennai

Last year there was a slump in the real estate market and that gave a ray of hope to the lakhs of people looking to buy a Dream home. They hoped this would be the beginning of the prices stabilizing to more affordable levels. However this year the scenario is quite depressing for the average home buyer. The prices are on the rise and more important the deeps discounts that were being offered last year are no longer there. Developers of properties are also not over eager to sell as they expect a further rise in the real estate prices. home prices in Chennai and Chennai suburb as well as the Southern capital region have risen by 15 to 50%.

Price of the property in Chennai Real estate

This is pretty depressing news for an average home buyer. In terms of cost the average price per square foot which was Rs2000/- in 2008 had never dropped but increase to Rs6000/- in 2013. But this year the prices have shot up and the average price is quoted at Rs7500/-. Thus the property prices instead of stabilizing are going up. Part of this rise is fueled by the developers themselves and partly by the inaction of the Government.

Flat prices being on the upswing is encouraging speculators to buy the houses, as a means of making a quick profit. But for the average buyer this is not possible. In addition the TNHB builds affordable houses in Chennai. It is hardly making any construction in Chennai city, as most of the land is cornered by the big developers. However the construction boom is on in Chennai and BESTSQUAREFEET builders have announced the construction of the world’s QUALITY residential building at CHENNAI. The building which will rise to 100 floors will be an architectural marvel. But for the millions without a house in Chennai, this is hardly cheering news.

The developers are now spreading their tentacles to the distant outlying areas of Chennai. Thus the suburbs like SRIPERUMBUDUR and ECR are being tapped. There also the prices are 50% higher than what they were last year. However the law of averages will prevail and this property bubble will certainly burst. One can wait for it.

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