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Real Estate Property Management Building Construction Company is an Organization managed by veterans in business since 1985 in various Industry verticals with a motto “Service Excellence,” Transparency and Integrity as our principles.

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We, offer a the best services in Real estate and Building Construction-Building Contract Viz., Property advisory, Legal & brokerage, rentals & leasing consultation, Valuation, research & feasibility reports, Constructing small to huge Residential, commercial and Industrial projects & facilities management services and real estate loan and financing.

Multiple Listing Service for Real Estate

Ten years ago, a hunt for property would have started within the workplace of an area property agent or by simply driving around city. At the agent’s workplace, you’d pay a day flipping through pages of active property listings from the native Multiple Listing Service (MLS). when selecting properties of interest, you’d pay several weeks road every property till you found the proper one. Finding market information to alter you to assess the damage would take longer and plenty a lot of driving, and you continue to may not be ready to notice all of the data you required to induce very snug with a good market price.

We all area unit brooding about it and a few people are literally taking action and obtaining their hands on assets’ investment properties. The longer the Stock Exchanges does not manufacture fascinating returns to a lot of folks area unit beginning with assets investments.

For most people the apparent alternative of properties area unit single family homes. Though you’ll be able to invest in assets while not owning a home, the public follow the expertise they created whereas buying their house. This is often acquainted ground and also the learning curve for doing a true estate deal of this kind is pretty slim.

Of course there is a downside with this approach. The competition is fierce and their area unit markets wherever investors area unit by artificial means driving up the value of the properties whereas fully discouraging initial time home consumers. If this is often the case, the burst of the important estate bubble is simply a matter of your time.

How does one avoid these things and still with success invest in assets? however, does one get earlier than the competition and be ready for dangerous times in assets investments as well? The sole answer I actually have is business real estate.

Why business assets you would possibly ask? Business assets could be a solid investment in smart and dangerous times of the native assets market. The business assets i am touching on area unit multi unit housing buildings.

Yes you may become a property owner and No you do not have to be compelled to do the work by yourself. You’re the owner and not the manager of the dwelling. The value of owning and managing the building is a component of your expenses and can be lined by the rent financial gain.

Apartment buildings area unit thought-about business assets if their area unit five or a lot of units. To create the numbers work ought to concede to either own multiple little housing buildings otherwise you should decide on larger buildings. This can keep the expense to financial gain magnitude relation at a positive income. Owning rental properties is all concerning positive income.

With investment in single family homes its straightforward to attain positive income. Although your rent financial gain does not cowl your expenses 100%, the appreciation of the house can contribute to the positive income. With business assets the principles’ area unit totally different.

While single family homes area unit appraised by the worth of recent sales of comparable homes in your neighborhood, business assets does not care concerning the worth appreciation of different buildings. The worth of the property is only supported the rent financial gain. To extend the worth of an ad assets you would like to seek out how to extend the rent financial gain. The formula on however this is often calculated would be an excessive amount of for this short article. I listed some terribly useful books wherever you’ll be able to realize all the main points.

What’s another advantage to take a position in business assets? Business real estate finance is totally different from finance one family home. Where as finance one family home {you area unit|you’re} at the mercy of lenders who need to create positive that you just are within the position to acquire the house along with your income. Business assets finance is predicated within the property’s ability to supply positive income and to hide the finance value.

After reading of these data concerning business assets you would like to travel out there and dive into the deals. Not thus quick. First, you would like to be told the maximum amount concerning assets as doable. In business assets you are managing professionals. If you come upon an excessive amount of as a starter you may waste these guys’s time and your business assets career concluded before it truly started. Second, no business assets’ investor can lend you any cash if you cannot show a minimum of to a small degree little bit of assets investment expertise.

Real estate searches

Today, most Real estate searches begin on the web. A fast keyword search on Google by location can doubtless get you thousands of results. If you see a property of interest on a true estate internet site, you’ll generally read photos on-line and perhaps even take a virtual tour. You’ll then check different websites, like the native county bureaucrat, to induce a concept of the property’s worth, see what this owner procured the property, check the important estate taxes, get census information, college info, and even explore what outlets area unit inside walking distance-all while not exploit your house! offers properties for Sale , Rent, Lease, Joint Venture, Property Monitoring, Property maintenance and Property Management.
While the resources on the web area unit convenient and useful, exploitation them properly are often a challenge due to the amount of data and therefore the issue in substantiating its accuracy. Even a region specific rummage around for property will simply come thousands of websites. With numerous resources on-line however will Associate in Nursing capitalist effectively use them while not obtaining caught up or ending with incomplete or unhealthy information? Believe it or not, understanding however the business of property works offline makes it easier to grasp on-line property info and methods.

Best Builders in Chennai for Joint venture developments

Bestsquarefeet is the best BUILDER in Chennai of Posh apartments, Villas, Bungalows and independent houses. We offer good ratio for land owners for Joint development for apartments and Villas. Quality construction and finishing the project at stimulated is our specialty.

OMR and Sriperumbudur, that was once counted mutually of the suburbs of Madras, has these days remodeled into one amongst the foremost happening addresses. Thane boasts of being one amongst the foremost happening locales. Variety of acknowledge builders in Thane have created their presence felt within the property arena. These builders have modified the face of property in Chennai. Sky rocketing structures with breath taking landscapes loaded with the choicest amenities, has brought this once quaint suburbia on the important estate map. Theses builders have a contemporary approach and build comes that area unit apt for the trendy resident.

The real estate in OMR and Sriperumbudur has seen a mighty boom within the recent past because of the dynamic standing of the realm. Thane boasts of being a serious industrial hub and is progressing by leaps and bounds. The realm conjointly offers variety of enticing manner selections that produces Chennai all the additional profitable. Bestsquarefeet Builders could be a name that wants no previous introduction. A notable name amongst the builders in Chennai, they need graven a distinct segment for themselves within the world of property. Bestsquarefeet Builders area unit additional of a people’s builder. Since its origin in 2006, Bestsquarefeet Builders has been building concrete magnificences that bear testimony to the ne’er ending heritage of its residents.

The sturdy worth system that the builder follows is instrumental in creating them one amongst the foremost revered and trustworthy names within the property in Chennai. Bestsquarefeet Builders could be a ruling name that firmly believe building structures that provide worth for cash. They follow a clear approach to any or all their dealings and respect the time lines and budget estimation. They offer up to date housing choices with convenience and luxury that goes on the far side expectations. They need engineered over a four Lacs sq. feet of property and has over four hundred happy residents. Bestsquarefeet Builders area unit one amongst the leading builders in Thane World Health Organization area unit committed to supply the simplest of residential and industrial properties in Chennai.

Which is the best Construction Company in Chennai ?.

Bestsquarefeet Builders has invariably aimed toward providing worth for cash to their customers in every of there comes. A shining star amongst the builders in Madras, they need conjointly invariably believed in treating their partners, associates and customers with dignity and nice respect. Client satisfaction is one amongst the foremost necessary side that the builder aims at. every of their comes area unit inbuilt strategic locations and area unit engineered on the ideas like trust, correct execution of every project, usage of contemporary technology and permanent by the possession date. Bestsquarefeet Builders have graven a distinct segment for themselves in property in Chennai and have given variety of nice residential further as industrial comes to the place. A trustworthy name that stands firm for its values and its commitment to supply the simplest to its customers, Bestsquarefeet Builders ensures that you just get the simplest home areas at apt costs.

Best Builders in Chennai

Building Construction-Building Contract at Chennai

In a nutshell, we do help our Real estate Clients on all aspects right from identifying properties, Registration till building and constructing in the property. We assist our Clients – customers in verifying the legalities, documentation, loan processing, valuation etc. Buying, Selling, Leasing and Renting the property through us is as simple as just making a call or sending an email. We research and study the open market value, forced sale value and future projection value of the properties so that you can get a clear and better picture of the exact asking price for your property. So we are able to provide a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller.

We have a proven record for making many successful transactions in which both the buyer and seller are very satisfied. We understand the fact that satisfying the client is the ultimate success in the business than making few extra cash.

In India, buying or selling a property is emotional as well as a life changing decision one can make. We understand that completely and extend our service to match or surpass all expectations.

Send us your requirements, and we will be glad to offer our service right away. Your satisfaction is our promise.

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Property Management Services

Property Management Services : Bestsquarefeet Property Management Company was founded in 2006. It is the professional company in property management services for Property owning in Chennai and suburbs. NRIs, MNCs and people staying across the globe need not have to worry about the grabbing of their property.

Quality Flat promoters in Chennai

Bestsquarefeet offers Posh Apartments in chennai at very very competitive price. We are Best Flat promoters in chennai offering good quality flats at Nominal cost.

Bestsquarefeet Property management company is engaged in providing genuine property management services and solutions. We guide and execute the following.

Bestsquarefeet Property Management Services Company

Property Management Services

  • Original bookings Assistance
  • Investments
  • Documentation
  • Legal assistance
  • Property survey
  • Sale-purchase of residential & commercial properties
  • Property Monitoring services
  • Property Trouble shooting services

Being a Real estate service provider, since 2006, We are capable of handling a wide range of tasks in Chennai on behalf of MNCs, NRIs, our company developed special expertise to service at many other cities of Tamilnadu also.

Just buying and holding a property alone will not be enough to earn profit in Real estate industry. We should manage and maintain the property. Leaving all the work, this cannot be done by individual investors and MNCs. Here we help in Monitoring the properties and send regular reports regarding the property along with photographs and Video..

Since 2006, Bestsquarefeet property has grown expertise and capable of handling property management in a professional way aiming at satisfied and long term customers.


Land grabbing is the biggest threat in property management. Is your property safe??. Whether you have bought a property just for an investment or a future home for living, your most valuable properties require to be managed and protected from encroaches and miscreants.

Usually properties which are all apparently un-watched are biggest advantage for land grabbers and illegal encroaches. Our valuable Properties which are bought in our home town also required to be constantly monitored to ensure no misuse or encroachment knowingly or intentionally. In other cases serious deterioration may occur due to natural disasters.. If you are an PIO or NRI or live away from your property or your family property just don’t leave as it is..

Benefits of Property Monitoring for PIOs and NRIs :

You have to monitor your property regularly, if not possible to visit often then we bestsquarefeet will manage your property and maintain it on behalf of you. Our Property Management Service will ensure that your asset is held safe and secure, even in your absence from Grabbing, encroaching and illegal Possession. We visit your property on monthly or any other periodic basis. We take photographs, video shoot, geo-tag the property and send courier or e-mail it to you.

In the event of any noticed illegal encroachment or land grabbing attempt, misuse or any other deterioration of the property, you will be promptly intimated our Monitoring inspectors. On worst situation of any other serious encroachments, We will also file a petition of complaint with the local police station, if it is essential.

If the property is a land which is already fenced, we can provide a signboard intimating that the property is being monitored and is under the care of bestsquarefeet.

Bestsquarefeet Property Management company in Chennai Tamil Nadu, South India is a reputed organization in other following Real estate management solutions and Services also.

Property Management solutions

  • Property Management Services
  • Rental / Tenant – Management Services
  • Vacant Plot Monitoring Services
  • Personal Concierge Services
  • Property Renovation and Maintenance Works
  • Residential Constructions & Civil Contractual Works

Land Monitoring Services

Regular Monitoring of Land by Bestsquarefeet – Every day news says that huge number of people’s land have been grabbed. These grabbing happens When the original owners are away from the property or settled abroad for a long period. If there is no person to take care of the property, then obviously the land will be grabbed. So, It is not Worthy to own properties without constant monitoring.

Here Bestsquarefeet is a company with qualities of transparency, professional and safe method to take care of your property with keen vigilance and regular monthly or fortnightly reporting.

Bestsquarefeet Property Management company offers consistent and customized plot monitoring services. With the professional approach and competitive price, we offer best level of personalized service of regular visits.

Our Property Monitoring Service includes :-

  1. Regular Monitoring of Land – To ensure that the Land is free from encroachment.
  2. Regular Fortnightly or Monthly reporting on the status on the cleanliness of the plots.
  3. Digital Photographs and their reports of the land will be emailed.
  4. Based on Customer’s requirement the number of property visits per month or per year can be arranged.
  5. Our professionals will regularly update in stimulated time on the status of the property and intimate if we come to know or anticipate any encroach attempts.
  6. Show property to the land to your family members or relatives who are not aware of the location..

Non Resident Indians – NRIs and People of Indian origin living abroad can seek for this special service to take care of their high value property or assist their elderly parents or their busy family members.

A notice board can be optionally displayed to warn trespassers at extra cost. This will make your asset 100% Safe.


We offer Marketing services for properties located in and around Chennai. CMDA approved plots which are in old layouts as well as newly developed plots can be marketed in our overseas office and agents. DTCP approved plots located in suburbs of chennai such as sriperumbudur, Chengalpet, kanchipuram, Arakonam, and ECR can be marketed by our Real estate marketing Team at Bestsquarefeet. Our is a Real estate website offering various services in property management.

Contact for all Real estate Property Marketing, Property management Service and Property maintenance….

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